Fashion Philosophy - FASHION WEEK POLAND - NENUKKO - unisex urbanite

Travelling internationally through different time zones, exposed to diverse weather conditions and assorted cultures, on planes, trains and cars, requires clothing which is easy adaptable and combinable.

IMG_5865.JPG NENUKKO has got to be one of my favourite brands for these situations. The materials used are mainly natural - linen and cotton in neutral colours, meaning you have the scope to add some pretty spectacular pieces if you want to “Jush” up an outfit for a special occasion.

IMG_5866.JPG Their latest collection – the brand’s ninth so far, looks to Tarot card symbolism for its inspiration, particularly the ninth card, or, in Tarot lingo ‘the hermit’, symbolising solitude, asceticism and following the inner voice. The collection’s lines are simple and clear, the shapes are devoid of decoration. The loose style expresses the need for autonomy, openness and authenticity.

IMG_5867.JPG Syncretism, meaning “the reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief,” and the main axis of the brand's aesthetic signature, is translated into urban wear that borrows from different areas of fashion. In fact all of the pieces aspire to the original biological harmony - avoiding any provocation and drama, calming the individual wearer and allowing for their own particular force to transform.

IMG_5864.JPG Take it one step further and you can swap clothing with your partner for an exclusive and totally different look. Ouch it’s so good it hurts!

Photographer Beata Siewicz