After being totally wowed by designer, Malan Breton – colour, cut, design and pretty much everything else at NYFW, it was actually a chance meeting with him that sealed my passion for this Taiwanese born designers' collection! A luxury lifestyle menswear and womenswear brand that I definitely want to be part off As his men’s tailored suits came down the catwalk in cinnamon, mustard gold, red lacquer, menthe, lime, lavender, cerulean and fuchsia, I was not the only one gasping! Blazers, bomber jackets, trenches and suits were all expertly tailored with the utmost care to detail, lapels, pockets cuffs and trims either in contrasting colours or weave. His womenswear collection was a little more sedate but had an understated elegant softness which was palpable throughout and those colour combinations still made you sigh! I so want that yellow puffball dress, it hurts. Or an A-line dress with bugle beading inspired by a lungshan temple. IMG_3541.JPG The men’s SS15 collection will be available at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols next year. He will be showing also at LC:M in the new year and his womenswear at LFW. Can I wait? Hmmm maybe not. His suits are available for women in extra small, so you can see my thinking…


I love backstage because you really get to see the pieces close up! You get to touch, feel and admire the workmanship that goes into each individual creation. And sometimes you're lucky even to speak to the designer himself, if pre-show stress allows. Dennis Basso probably was feeling stress, but he is too much of a charming man to show it and I managed to catch a moment with him. IMG_3551.JPG

Entering into Dennis Basso's backstage for SS15 was firstly like tripping into a gorgeous, secret Giverney-esque garden in flower. Whites, heather, olive and greys were brought to life in Basso's floral mesh and organza-layered, hand-embroidered gowns. Secondly,  Dennis let loose onto the shimmering waterside eateries of Marbella or Porto Cervo circa the 1960s through the rose gold and silver brocades of his tunics and capris.


Back to front of house - reality and a total contrast. The show was packed with celebrities, TV channels and screaming women excited and delighted.


Though when the lights came down, the magic returned,  after a minute of silence that Dennis Basso offered to his friend, comedienne Joan Rivers who had passed away the day before.

Photographs by Shana Schnur &


I guess the only way to describe this collection, entirely made out of leather is that I really want it so badly – I might do a detour to mainland Spain to order if that’s the only way of getting the pieces. IMG_3513.JPG

I think it has something to do with the juxtaposition of materials, rough and smooth. A finish that is impeccable. The combinations of colour that make a simple above the knee short into something impeccably elegant. Trimmings of different leathers, pleats, laser cut or hand finished so expertly, combined with zips worked into a very classic cut. Of course, it is mainly menswear with a sprinkling of womenswear but as designer Robert Etxeberria explained, when I caught him backstage, you’re lucky as a woman because you can wear it all.
I KNOW that and I will!



I am mad about boots! So, when thigh-highs strutted on the AW13 catwalk (Tom Ford, Chanel, etc.), I drooled. Of course it's now AW14 and my thigh-high affair has become an obsession...but now, how to deal with it? The boots have got slinkier and tighter.


ITEM m6 shapewear is how to deal with it. ITEM m6 is a totally innovative hosiery and shapewear concept - MADE IN GERMANY. Think oxygenation to your legs by some incredible feat of engineering. The unique way the textile is processed also ensures maximum durability, long-term colour fastness, a flawless mesh structure and a perfect fit for your high boot experience.

So perfect is ITEM m6 that I am thinking of wearing my boots sans jeans, in just the shapewear...

Who said shapewear couldn't be sexy?

Photographs of ITEM m6 by Julia Mills


There were exciting chats on a Sunday amongst us girls, and it more often then not ends up in fashion. And sometimes, as in this instance, there are glorious discoveries! This time it all started around a story from one of my high-powered cousins (in government) who had recently been taken to lunch with a group of dignitaries at an über smart restaurant. Being the only woman and with nowhere to put her bag (floors are a no-no), she hung it on her chair. Engrossed in conversation she realised only too late the bag had disappeared. Distraught by her loss of not only phone, keys, bag and serious official documents, she vowed there and then never to have her bag anywhere but on the table in front of her eyes at hands reach, where any intruder would be dealt with unmercifully.

IMG_3262.JPG Enter the Bijou Bag - a bag that is so beautiful and small that you can literally decorate the table with it! With only enough room for iPhone, keys, lipstick and credit cards, it's just nearly enough, even for me. IMG_3281.JPG

Arantxa is a civil engineer, but coming into the workplace in the Spanish crisis didn't put her off starting her own buisiness - she was already being asked by friends and family to make them a bag, before she even realized it could be a livelihood. She's just about to launch her Los Bolsitos de Arantxa label that will be online shortly. If you can't wait though, she is always available through e-mail on

Pricing ranges from 40€ -100€ at the moment. So don't just rush, gallop!



The first though that came into my head when I saw Thapelo's collection on the catwalk at Moda Calida was pure ELEGANCE! Each individual piece seemed to work for a different body type - CLEVER. The collection I saw wasn't the full SS15 offering though; I saw this later at Mode City and realised how incredibly put together it was.

But, there is so much more to the label. It is the only French swimwear label that has rightly earned Origine France Garantie, meaning the design and production is totally based in France.

Because of this example of luxe intelligent, Thapelo Paris has been chosen and stocked exclusively by the 5-star hotel chain Six Senses, whose philosophy encompasses the concept of integrating eco villas into their surroundings and minimizing the effect on the environment and local population.



The materials for Thapelo's swimwear include high quality Italian Lycra and the R-T-W fabrics are all woven in France. All Thapelo's suppliers are chosen because of their dedication to refining manufacturing processes, lessening the impact on the environment.

Recorded successes include an imperative decrease of energy, water and gas consumption, paper and cardboard waste and ensuring the optimisation consumption of dyes and chemicals.


These are all big pluses, but at the end of the day it's DESIGN that sells and SS15 includes bikinis, swimsuits and delicious kaftans in block colours. There are also halter necks and ruched bandeaus that increase/decrease bust with high rise cuts, ties and high-waisted bikini briefs to elongate legs and manage long or short waists.


It's a truly beautiful collection and is definitely luxe intelligent.


I BOMBED into SCOOP on an amazing summer day and Melissa Curry’s jewellery seemed to mirror my mood immediately. Bubblecious!
 She has an incredible varied collection with a variety of different styles which reflect her love of narrative, texture and colour – a prominent feature of Melissa’s design work.

Optimistic. Exciting. Vibrant.


But it’s her ‘Success’ range that really got to me. Having just stayed in Kensington with the most inspiring woman I have met to date, I wanted to gift a little something that would really be meaningful but without being too crass. The ‘Success’ collection comes in two styles: a necklace and bracelet either in sterling silver or pink vermeil gold and engraved amulets with the word ‘SUCCESS’ engraved across them. They are meant as a reminder to always be our own best self at whatever one is doing or trying to achieve. It’s the perfect gift of encouragement to that special friend you admire. The pieces are all made in Melissa’s studio in Ireland and make the perfect gift from one woman to another.


In fact, the first three pieces in pink vermeil gold were given as a gift by the Irish Prime Minister on the arrival of Michelle Obama last year to Dublin.



‘Share and encourage your friend or those in need of encouragement and support,’ Melissa said to me. And crumbs, I nearly blubbed pathetically whilst thinking of all the amazing women I have met on my travels. Needless to say, I regained my composure and managed to extract myself back into FULL WOMAN POWER MODE.


This Christmas there will be a lot of women receiving this perfect memento of my appreciation of them.


I am not sure if the men in Louis XIV's court would have looked quite like the buffed up Modelos Canarias models when they took off their doublets, but I guess in the eyes of the 17th and 18th century ladies in waiting, they might well of had the same effect.


Versailles was the theme of Gabriel Croissier's SS15 swimwear catwalk show at Ingenio in Gran Canaria. There were certainly a lot of fleur-de-lys and enough small flower pastoral print to give it a royal flavour.


His catwalk covered swimwear for men, women and children. A patron of the artisanal knitted lace embroidery calado of the Gran Canarias, he worked in collaboration with the Asociación de Caladoras de Ingenio to produce the knitted lace embroidery used in the collection.


We saw these updated artisanal pieces firstly as trims on the bikinis and swimsuits as well as the children's play dresses. Then Croissier incorporated the pieces as cheeky peekaboos on swimsuits, and trunks for the boys.



The four prints of the collection were divided into two themes: Pretty & Floral (in the vein of wallpapers at Versailles), and then full Rococo glory with gold and royal blue leaf design - so popular in court at Versailles.


Croissier, who styled the collection, followed the theme with jewellery, plumes and satin bows designed for him by Elizabetta, with shoes by PAEZ and make-up and hair by Jose Rubio and May Martín along with the Redken team.


All photographs by Santiago Ladeiro


Royal Blush started as a beautiful, Swiss, small luxe accessories label with a fantastic pocket book (still a best seller). I believe I first met Jana Keller (CEO & Designer) in Paris at one of those enormous expo shows - when tan was less than popular and where her immaculate design elegance just stood out from some of her colour-led neighbours.


Of course that was a while back and since then there have been additions such as jewellery, with her signature knots in blue yellows, tan, blacks and now with artistic splatters - all with immaculate clasps of course. This year her stacking rings have a faceted stone in recycled silver that adds an unexpected sparkle, and then there are her new chains too.


But for me the most exciting addition is the leather espadrille, which she does in various vegetable tanned leathers and salmon skin (by-product of the food industry). Hand-sewn in Spain to her specifications, she has cleverly added a rubber sole (for European summer weather) and a leather insole (ideal because I can't even wear the traditional ones due to the roughness of the rope). They are seriously comfortable and the leather makes it not just a beach shoe, but a daily city shoe too. As an introductory offer to the new range, Jana is making a special 90-euro pre-order price until 30th September 2014, for delivery in March. Of course there are no two guesses who's first on the list then!



Where has Jeff Garner been? We have really missed his spectacular shows with live music and that amazing Tennessee charm at London Fashion Week. I managed to pin him down after his catwalk show at the lavera Showfloor in Berlin, where he was accosted by umpteen radio shows, photographers and adoring fans.


"I've been in China (Shanghai), Paris, Canada now Berlin. Though I will be back in London in September to launch SS15." YIPPEEE!


For me Prophetik has always been about the material. Jeff Garner dyes everything for the collection at his workshop in Franklin, Tennessee. His fabrics are sustainable meaning they are natural unbleached fibres in flax, hemp, silk, Peace silk, seaweed, cactus silk, hand-loomed Dupioni Silk, Chiffon and more and the dying is all plant and earth-based using leaves, bark, plants, and roots that are planted in surrounding gardens.


This season, for his Prophetik retrospective, some of his pieces have painted graphics by Asian elephants (charity highlighting elephant plight - he sent over the material and plant-based dye) something that Jeff came across while researching water consumption, and which he is truly passionate about.

The Berlin catwalk was more of a Prophetik history. It took a little bit from each of his previous collections and it had the crowd in raptures! The Prophetik breeches, which I adore, are one of the labels signatures. They are a nod to the Civil War's 'make do and mend,' campaign, which Garner references throughout via buttons, trimmings etc. Prophetik had only two showings, but Jeff did promise there would be more for SS15. So, I am waiting hungrily.


But I have to say his party prom dresses were truly spectacular - antique lace and superb cut made the crowd ROAR!


Garner has designed for Miley Cyrus, Esperanza Spalding, Livia Firth, Suzy Amis Cameron, Sheryl Crow, Jonas Brothers, Kings of Leon, Julia Styles, Cameron Diaz...and hopefully soon, ME and YOU.

I'm looking forward to SS15 breeches and more cocktail dresses.

All photography by Beata Siewicz


Das Lied von Noel Coward lautet “ Ich liebe Paris im Frühling, Ich liebe Paris im Herbst, Ich liebe Paris im Winter wenn es nieselt, Ich liebe Paris im Sommer wenn es glühend heiß ist.“ Also, während der Mode City Lingerie & Swimwear Show hat mit geschüttet, aber herrlich war es trotzdem. 20140707-085401-32041523.jpg

Okun – vergisst die tollen afrikanischen Print Shorts für Männer und Jungs, in drei verschiedenen Längen. Die grosse Überraschung war, richtige Schwimm Shorts für Frauen. Wirklich: Ob Wax oder kein Wax, diese ‚Boyfriend Shorts‘ sind die Besten!


Bread & Boxer – Unterwäsche zum mitnehmen in 100% bio Baumwolle oder 95% Mischgarn mit Elasthane. Es hat in 2009 angefangen, mit einer Auswahl in Hotels in der Minibar, für Reisende, die das Wichtige vergessen hatten (leider in keine Hotels, in die ich übernachtete) – eine schwedische Firma, die ihre bequeme, unverzierten, basic Unterwäsche entwickelt haben in mehrere Farben, mit weiss, blau, grau und pink.


Garance – von Stella Cadente gestylt. Garance ist nicht nur die erste französische Bademode, die sich mit Mastektomie Bademode befasst, sondern hat auch auffällige Graphics, Modische Formen und integrierte Prothesentaschen. In der  Kollektion von Designerin, Cecile Paquinelle, sind Bikinis, Badeanzüge und Tankinis in einer Auswahl von Monochrome, Blaufarben (Strand), Pink und Coral (exostisch), Gelbfarben und Türkis (Acid Farben).


Adelais London – Die wunderschönen Cosmischen Seidenprints haben mich sofort aufgehalten. Etwas zwischen Le Petit Prince von Antoine de Saint-Exupéry und Tarot. Blanka Bojovic ist die Designerin dieser Luxus Boudoir-inspirierte Loungewearmarke, die in 2013 geboren wurde.


Ihre Seidenschalkragenwesten in Gold und die dazugehörige Hose würde ich überall tragen – ich kann sie einfach nicht Pyjama nennen. Sie sind auf jeden Fall auf meiner HOT LIST – dieser Set würde mich herumkriegen, falls da draussen ein Verehrer sein sollte!


Ich habe bei Kiss Me Deadly angehalten – die Marke mit der unschlagbaren ‚Vargas‘, hat für SS15 einen neuen Print vorgestellt. Auf den ersten Blick sieht es aus wie ein Blumenmuster, wenn man es sich näher anschaut sieht man aber die Nachricht: „Mess with these at your own peril!“ (so viel wie: „anlegen auf eigene Gefahr“). J’adore...


Endlich konnte ich die OYE Swimwear anfassen – einer meiner Entdeckungen letztes Wochenende an der Gran Canaria Moda Cálida. Es war wirklich toll die gut durchgedachte SS15 Kollektion zu erleben, die für die nicht immer 100% perfekte Strandkörper gedacht sind!

Tharpelo Paris – hatte Bademode in weitere Blockfarben und zweifarbige Kaftans. Die Festival-fertige Ibiza Bade und Strandmode von Auria London brachte mich in Strandurlaubsstimmung.


Woah! How I managed not to get run over by a bicycle or crushed by the unruly crowd at the lavera Showfoor scrum or faint in the heat of the massive Marc Cain cue at MBFWB, I really don't know! All I can say I survived to tell some tales, met some truly wondrous people, discovered some amazing brands and saw some great shows in Berlin: one of my FAVOURITE cities. 20140711-112051-40851109.jpg

With 21 events taking place like Bread & Butter, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, GREEN showroom, Show & Order, Capsule, SHOWFLOOR BERLIN and Curvy is Sexy all in the space of three days I was hard pushed to get around the lot even though I had help of my cute VeloTaxi driver with an unpronounceable name.


Adam Brody (Zürich) showed me his nine piece white shirt collection at Curvy is Sexy which was sooo adorable. A tailor by love, I begged him to open up sizing to cover all mortals. After all his motto rightly says: ‘Style has nothing to do with size’. Hear hear!


I fell in love with Marc Cain’s fabulous blue tiger print, stripes and Yayoi Kusama stylish spots combined with a red leather jacket! Of course the heart beating stuff was his gorgeous silk kimono style sleeved cape/coats with animal print motifs. Could anything be so gorgeous?! I’m sure Marcia Cross, one of his front row celebs was taking notes!


Danny Reinke, newcomer at lavera Showfloor inspired me with an enormous orange sea, with catching bags attached to his jackets for both men and women. Inspired by the sea, this designer’s cleverly designed accessories had me mentally thinking EasyJet carry on luggage!


I rave about Ivana Basilotta every now and again. Not only is her clothing
 delicate, feminine and vegan but her shoe range which was launched this year and is available on Yoox is truly beautiful. A perfectionist by nature you can see her touch in every detail! Manufactured by an Italian family company, the elegance of her shoes is definitely red carpet celeb. ‘Nobody’s skin’ is her motto!


Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg! So many shows and studio visits to come. But bursting as I do with excitement there are some things you just need to spill!


Wenn man morgens aufwacht und weiss, dass man den KTZ LC:M Catwalk erleben wird, bekommt man Gänsehaut auf einer ganz anderen Ebene! Es ist fast wie Religionzugehörigkeit, wenn man Teil seiner Anhängerschaft ist. 20140618-111939-40779094.jpg

Urban Warrior/Gladiator im Kampfring der Technologie kämpfen heisst Fingerlose Handschuhe statt Boxhandschuhe. Medallions, Kränze und das Gesicht der Göttin Athena waren auf dem Statement Schmuck von KTZ abgebildet und Ton Farben waren in der Monochrome Kollektion von KTZ zu sehen.



Der Name Desert Rats der SS15 Kollektion von Richard James ist treffend. Die Kollektion ist scharf geschnitten, detailliert und, obwohl es ein militärisches Stil hat, ist es auch sanft…so viel wie, Savile Row Massschneiderei mit Farbe.


John Smedley ist immer ganz oben auf meiner obersten Liste, wenn ich an Strickmode aus Gross Britannien denke. Überraschend ist es nicht, mit 230 Jahre Herstellung in Lea Mills in Derbyshire. Ganz modern machen es Smedley in der SS15 Kollektion, mit dem heissen kurzen Anzug in Gelb-Orange – deshalb sind Smedley immer wieder oben!


Triple Wash Denim, Sporthosen, Mesh und Kapuzenkaftan mit einer herrlichen Zerstreuung von Lederaluminium – so in etwa die SS15 Kollektion von James Long. Unheimlich tragbar und von Boxing und Inseln inspiriert.  Von meinem Team gab es 10/10 für die ganze Kollektion.


Das Vater und Son Duo, Casely Hayford und ihre SS15 Kollektion Art Intervention wandelt Sportkleidung in Chic um. Wegen dem langen Bomber Sweat wäre ich gerne Mann, wobei ich es irgendwie trotzdem haben werde, auch wenn ich kein Mann bin. Innovative Stoffe, Tromp L’Oeil, Lagen, Slim Trousers, Schultern, lange und entspannte Jacken…die ganze Kollektion ist elegant und zugleich gesetzlos.

Fotos Fred Yardley


As the Noel Coward song goes, "I love Paris in the Springtime. I love Paris in the Fall. I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles." Ok, so it was literally chucking it down at Mode City for the Lingerie & Swimwear Show, but it was glorious anyhow.


Okun - Forget the awesome African-inspired prints for men and boys that come in three lengths, the big surprise is the fabulous, proper swimwear shorts for women. Seriously, wax or no wax, their girls' 'boyfriend shorts' are it!


Bread & Boxer - Takeaway underwear in a miraculously 100% organic cotton or a 95% blend that has elastane. Starting off in 2009 as a hotel selection in hotel mini bars for travelers in a tight spot (sadly not in any hotel that I have stayed in), this Swedish company has evolved its comfortable, unclogged by embellishment basic white body wear into a broader palette of white, blue, grey and pink.


Garance - Styled by Stella Cadente, Garance is not all about just being the first French swimwear brand specialising in mastectomy wear; it's about eye-catching graphics, fashion shapes and internal support of the prosthesis. Cecile Paquinelli's (the designer) collection includes bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis in a range of monochrome, blues (seashore), pinks and corals (exotic), yellows and turquoise (acidulous).


Adelais London - I was stopped in my tracks by her gorgeous silk cosmic prints. A touch between Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Tarot. Blanka Bojovic is the designer behind this glamorous Boudoir-inspired luxury loungewear that was born in 2013.


I would wear her gold silk, shawl collar waistcoat and pants everywhere - I find it absolutely impossible to call them pyjamas. They are so definitely on my HOT LIST and would certainly win me over in the case that there any admirers out there in my hot pursuit!


A stop at Kiss Me Deadly - house of the unbeatable 'Vargas,' unveiled a new exclusive SS15 graphic. At first glance, it's a pretty flowery print, but on closer inspection a deadlier message, "Mess with these at your own peril!" Adore...


Finally I was able to touch the pieces of OYE Swimwear - one of my recent discoveries at Gran Canaria Moda Cálida last weekend. It was a joy to go through the well thought out SS15 collection and see how the pieces worked for bodies that are not always 100% beach perfect!

Tharpelo Paris featured additional block coloured swimwear and floaty two tone kaftans while Auria London's festival-ready Ibiza swim and sun wear certainly got me in the mood for a holiday to the beach.


Wow, wow und nochmal wow! James Holder, Mitgründer, Brand und Design Direktor, weiss, wie man eine Party schmeisst. Er hat den coolsten und neusten Veranstaltungsort in London ausgesucht, The Ewer Street Arches – in einfachen Worten, für uns in South London, heisst es Union Street Car Park. Ausserdem hat er einfach so, DJ Mark Ronson und Bip Ling engagiert und Cool Dude, Maxwell Frazer von Faithless, vondem ich mich mal kurz umarmen liess, während er sich mit seiner Begleitung ausruhte.


Klar gab es massenweise T-Shirts, und Kleider für den Strand, fürs Fitness Studio, Skate und zu Hause, aber dann kam das Neuste von Superdry: JEANS!  Hosen kennt man ja schon bei Superdry, aber in der SS15 Kollektion gibt es sie in jedem Style, Schnitt und Finish. Und dazu gibt es auch die neue Supremacy Kollektion: Einen massgeschneiderten Sakko und einen Dinner Jacket für unter c.a 125 Euro. Und man wird verstehen warum alle so aufgeregt sind – es wird riesig!


Ein toller Start in die London Collection: Men!


John Lobb stellt seit 1866 die feinsten Herren Schuhe her. Es war also eine Ehre mir die ganze Kollektion von Andres Hernandez, Design Direktor seit 27 Jahren, zeigen zu lassen. Jedes Paar John Lobb Schuhe und Stiefel wird mit einem 190 Schritt Arbeitsablauf von hoch qualifizierten Handwerkern in einem Atelier in Northampton, hergestellt. 20140615-234214-85334151.jpg

Wie immer, war es eine Freude Michelle Webb, Head Make Up Artist von AOFM, zu beobachten, als sie die Mathew Miller Models mit ihrem Team Backstage schminkte.


Die Introversion Kollektion, von Mathew Miller, wurde von Demobilizations Anzüge inpspiriert und die Models liefen in blau Tönen und vermischten Nadelstreifen den Laufsteg entlang. Der zerfetzte Stoff und die Todesrosen Stickerei war eine Konstruktionsleistung mit Blumenkorsagen und Halsschmuck.


In der Meridian Kollektion von Christopher Raeburn war eine herrliche Reisetasche und Tragetasche aus British Millerain Stoff, dabei. Wobei die REMADE Kollektion mein Favorit war, mit aussergewöhnliche Kleidung aus MIG Jagdpiloten Fluganzugstoff.


Die Lederespadrilles von Louis Leeman, mit traditionellen, spanischen Herstellungsmethoden, in Italien hergestellt, ist mit der perfekten Kombination von Komfort und Eleganz, eine tolle Alternative für den herkömmlichen Sommerschuh Style.


Der Inaugural British Fashion Council/GQ Fashion Fund wurde am Montag an Christopher Shannon verleiht und so war seine SS15 Show bis auf den letzten Platz besetzt! Die Sportkleidung von Shannon ist immer ein bisschen sexy und die zerschnittenen Quadrate zeigten darunter Haut auf den weniger Oversized Shorts, die auf jeden Fall elegant waren.


Alle Fotos von Fred Yardley


Christopher Ræburn’s range of accessories has grown to such a degree that it happily stands alone as a collection. In Shanghai's Corso Como, his range of men's backpacks were prominently displayed without his clothing collections and his mascot range for women, of which Owly, my constant companion is a member of, was coveted by almost every Shanghai fashionista that set their eyes on him. SIGH.


For Spring ⁄ Summer 2015 Christopher Raeburn draws inspiration from the desert boneyard in Arizona - a nirvana for the creed of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The breathtakingly beautiful spectacle of up to 4,000 military aircraft, carefully stored and awaiting reintegration or reappropriation, is reflected in the colours, fabrics and motifs for the season.


His SS15 accessories collection includes a zip top tote (main picture, that I want badly) an update to the classic backpack in British Millerain and a multi-functional holdall, which can also be used as a rucksack.


But, it's this season's collaboration with premium accessories specialists C6 that's so exciting! C6 will produce a rucksack and a laptop case featuring a unique Christopher Ræburn print, made up of all 10 animal mascots and marking the approach of the brand’s five-year anniversary.

I have managed to get my hands on one, and it's going to be a lucky winner this Thursday that we will be its proud owner! So, head over @mscastrorides on Twitter and get retweeting. You're still in with a chance.


The first edition of International Talents is part of Gran Canaria Moda Cálida Swimwear Fashion Week 2014. It took place at Plaza de la Música de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and there was a total of eight designers from which I picked my FAVOURITE pieces:20140629-121328-44008379.jpg

Mama Maria's (from Holland) black and white black striped swimsuit and bikini are classic signatures of the brand - retro. Although inspired by the 50s, the cut and finish are very much 2014. Most of the pieces are interlined and material is chosen carefully to create the right weight to shape the body. The studio is based in Amsterdam, where she makes personal orders!


Hipertrofico's (from Gran Canaria) nautical stripes in blue, white and red with a pop of unexpected acid lime, high-waisted sailor style briefs and buttons prevailed throughout the collection, which included swimwear pieces for both men and women. A cute selection of paper boat hairpieces by Lodedebo finished the look!


Auria's (from and made the U.K.) summer festival colours and graphics in recycled polyamide made for a strong uncomplicated line of bikinis, crops, skirts and dresses. Total easy wear for the sun!


The Knot swimwear for men is by a combo of two Tenerifian designers: Juan Carlos Armas and Ascensión Gómez Yanes. The brand designs for a man who lives in the sun. The range includes boxer shorts, accessories and tees and has a luxe Italian feel underlining their colour combinations.


Thapelo (from Paris) only utilised monochrome. This design duo was cleverly able to unveil its expertise in cut and style - a swimsuit for every type of figure. Fabulous gold trimmings added the final touch to this extremely elegant poolside offering!


Oye Swimwear (from Turkey) used OMG materials to die for. Just when I thought I had seen everything in swimwear, the tuxedo swimsuit appeared! I need to discover more about this international brand!


We Are Handsome (from Australia) is a popular brand renowned for its prints and draws inspiration from its sun raw world. Think swimwear and resort wear in bright and bold colours. Their fans include Beyoncé, Diane Kruger, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr and Rihanna. They showed both men's and womenswear.


All photographs by Vladimir Yakutin


Carmen Gonzales of Gonzales Underwear's Anita B pre-Mode City Paris collection has got to be her best to date. I wanted every little piece in that show. Her signature incredible detailing and materials that are hand picked for the seductive feel on the body were evident everywhere. 20140628-113449-41689555.jpg

Above is the new soft cup lace bra. It is a difficult piece, but with a clever two-string support, the cup is not only wearable but seductive with that eensy bit of fetish romance so prevalent in Berlin cabaret - which is the inspiration behind the collection.


Another new departure is her outerwear. Last year she started with slips, which were worn as skirts most spectacularly by Nadia Persa to almost everywhere! This collection included Sirene-style golden cami tops and short dresses for anybody with those covetable Long legs.


Then there is this beautiful lattice cage suspender piece with six fastenings for wearability, since the ones with four always leave me with that awful feeling that my stockings are going to waddle down to my ankles! Of course this is totally untrue, but the mind is a wondrously mad thing!


If I had to choose just one piece to take away? It's difficult, but I think settling for this pair of silver bikini pants with blood red fringing would do me for a bit. They're that glorious mix of sexy and feminine with just a wee taste of darkness and cabaret!

All photos by Vladimir Yakutin


The daughter of Luis Mentado and Lenita Burman has finally erupted on the fashion scene. Offspring of the charismatic and creative duo behind Canarian labels Lenita and XTG, I guess one shouldn't have expected her to stay backstage for too long.


Having studied design at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni in Milan, she continued with marketing studies as a post grad at Central Saint Martins in London. Returning back to Gran Canarias, Las Palmas, she was pivotal in restructuring her parent's old workshop and making it a glistening example of vertical integration.


Nicole's endeavours led to her parents pulling out of China to bring back their Lycra manufacturing to the island. With manufacturing firmly tucked under her strategic belt, she opened up the factory for other labels wanting to manufacture on the island under the Beach Concept (company that she founded) umbrella, winning the Fyde-CajaCanarias prestigious prize for young entrepreneurs.


But a creative can't help but be a creative and this year with the launch of her label taking place at Swimwear Fashion Week de Gran Canaria Moda Cálida - 'Maldito Sweet' was born.

Inspired by pop art and its geometric and optical illusion graphics, the collection consists of trikinis, swimsuits and bikinis with a lot of accessories. Utilising haute couture artisanal technique Nicole mixes silks, Lycra and feathers with brights and mesh.


All photos by Vladimir Yakutin