LC:M - accessorised - JOHN LOBB

I just love fashion with a story, and there is no tale more romantic than that of the origins of the gorgeous John Lobb men’s footwear label. You see John Lobb was a farmer’s son who left his destiny behind and walked all the way from Cornwall to London to become a bootmaker.

IMG_7553.JPG Introducing Paula Gerbase as the label’s new artistic director, the A/W 2015 collection celebrates this heroic walk, as the company strides towards a new future.

IMG_7554.JPG They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, and if that’s the case, a John Lobb man would be strong, solid, down-to-earth, yet timelessly stylish and elegant. The boots respect the beauty of the materials, honouring the lines, textures and tones.

IMG_7555.JPG Available in different styles including the functional single buckle, lace up boot, the wraparound seamless back boot, the single buckle shoe, the iconic John Lobb double buckle shoe, a new two-eyelet suede boot and a whole-cut unlined slip-on shoe, these beautiful shoes really embody craftsmanship and modernity.

IMG_7556.JPG Photographer Fred Yardley