RENLI SU - little women SS15 collection - strong yet feminine

Anything that empowers and encourages the strong yet feminine modern woman, gets my vote, which is why I love, love, love Renli Su’s latest ‘Little Women’ Ready To Wear collection, which explores the idea of time and memory and is inspired by the independent, elegant and charming women of the mid-late 19th century.

IMG_8014.JPG Renli firmly believes in the idea that garments retain traces of their past and form an intrinsic bond with the wearer. For this reason the designer has consciously used fabrics that have a story behind them such as Chinese Summer Fabric, Indian Hand Woven Cotton, Indian Block Print Organic Cotton and Irish Innovative Cotton Linen.

IMG_8027.JPG A woman after my own heart, Renli only uses organic fabrics with an emphasis on traditional skills and handmade techniques and craftsmanship. She aims to offer conceptual, yet practical pieces, which combine tradition with modern innovation.

image The result? A collection that is beautifully intricate yet wearable and practical, comfortable garments with simple yet strong designs and a concept that makes each item intensely personal and very unique.