LC:M - Christopher Raeburn- Emergency position! Shark Attack!

Inspired by a group of men who lived floating adrift on a raft on the open ocean, Christopher Raeburn’s new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection screams of survival, endurance and immersion.

(null) The designer has maintained an equal balance between prioritising both style and purpose, and while the pieces satiate both requisites, the clothing also manages a playful exploration of texture, fabric, colour and technique.

(null) While I absolutely love the contemporary bursts of bright orange safety garment influence and the risky use of rubber latex and inflatables, Raeburn also shows his traditional British heritage in his use of wools and waxed cottons.

(null) Showing off his natural predisposition for making gorgeous graphically detailed man-bags, this latest collection also sees the designer make his first foray into the wonderful world of footwear, collaborating with Purified to create an exclusive boot and a shoe to complement the collection