MBFWM - Teresa Helbig - the masters

Teresa Helbig’s stunning Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection – Sala 12 – was influenced by the timeless beauty that lines the walls of the iconic Prado Museum in Madrid, inspired by artwork that has been appreciated by presidents, and has survived wars and revolutions. And yet the paintings are just a point of departure for the collection. Helbig took the audience far away from the formality of these works, in search of a more flirtatious, rebellious and cool style.

(null) The Sala 12 collection is divided into two parts, one more theatrical, and one more light, casual and pop-like, but both charged with sensations and inundated with textures, colours and details. Sticking to four principles colours – white, black, green and yellow – the designer uses a variety of fabrics from wool combined with leather, strips of velvet, tulle, silk, angora and embroidery.

(null) Both collections maintain the same values: an obsession for perfect detail, exclusivity and precise sewing. Through these values, Helbig has created a flexible fashion for a sophisticated and free lifestyle – the perfect wardrobe for a seductive and open-minded, liberal woman.

(null) Photographer Santiago Ladeiro