MBFWM -The 2nd Skin Co- "Prêt- à -Couture"

The 2nd Skin Co.’s first ever catwalk show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid was an A/W 2015 collection celebrating femininity and freshness, characteristic of the brands style and feel. The models strutted down the runway wearing elegant dresses juxtaposed with more casual streetwear items, creating that integral contemporary atmosphere of "Prêt- à -Couture" modernity which the brand has enveloped itself in since its inception.

(null) The collection in itself oozes fabulousness and eclectic glamour, but particularly stupendous were the Marabou Feather details on some of the shoes and dresses, creating an element of both the playful and ethereal, but also of tactile chic exclusivity.

(null) Commenting on the collection, Juan Carlos Fernández and Antonio Burillo, the creative minds behind The 2nd Skin Co. said: “This is an all-encompassing, winter collection which uses the ‘essentials’ as well as our brand heritage regarding silhouettes, cuts and fabrics. It is a compilation of all of the details that characterise our collections, and that we have recovered in this collection entitled ‘Warming’.”

(null) Photographs Santiago Ladeiro