MFW - Chiara Ferragni - Flirty Eyes

The pop artist of the fashionable footwear world, Chiara Ferragni explores the trends that make the industry tick with a flirtatious irony that is becoming signature of her style. 


Her latest ‘The Present’ collection for FW15 looks both forward to the future, and back into the past, with black leather or suede ankle boots reminiscent of past Ferragni collections, and iconic slippers that are futuristic in their decorative symbols.


Her trademark winking eye theme print adorns a number of the styles including the square pointy slippers and the thigh suede boots. This latest collection also sees the introduction of the so-called “monsters” which decorate the slip-ons, high heel sandals and pumps with their multi-coloured cuteness.


Another one to embrace the style potential of social media, Ferragni uses her own personal hashtags like ‘neverstop or ifeel’ on her glitter, velvet and iridescent leather or slip‐ons.

Photos Giulia Rosatelli