Son Jung Wan - A splash of colour to winter 2015

Almost every piece in Son Jung Wan’s gorgeous Autumn/Winter 2015 collection could be added to my dream ‘wish-list’ closet. image

Inspired by the romantic films of the 50’s, and the iconic fashion photography of Gordon Parks, the collection had an undeniable retro feel, with an eccentrically modern touch. image Oozing glamour and style, the pieces have a bright, bold edge, with vibrant statement colours mixed with various textures and materials such as fur, leather and merino wool. Hot fuchsia jackets and tops looked as good on the girls as it did on the boys, and loud orange wool coats stood out as favourites. image

Although the collection featured a palpable nod to style of the 1950’s, with examples like delicious contemporary chunky platform boots, fur sleeves and gold sequined sleeveless dresses, the silhouettes are chic, wearable, and bring a splash of colour to winter wardrobes.

image Photographers David Berman , Shana Schnur,David Bing