Xiao Li’s - shouting out ! Boldly!

I’m always pleased when I see an Autumn/Winter collection that is bright, vibrant and fresh, rather than toned down for the colder months, so Xiao Li’s fun and colourful show at London Fashion Week recently, was a delight to watch.

The exaggerated, oversized pieces that strutted up and down the runway were a clear evolution of Li’s signature style of working with traditional knit, but combining the technique with more modern contemporary method. 

The knitted graphics and prints used in the coats, jumpers, skirts and tops, are an interesting animated expression of mass consumerism and genetically modified foods, with huge tomatoes and giant perfume bottles showing up more than once across the collection.

These simple cartoon-like prints are used to accentuate and add the illusion of shape to otherwise loose-fitting silhouettes.

This is fashion with a conscience with the designer directly challenging the audiences, questioning the effects that fashion has on our world and instructing us to “Avoid Fashion” at all costs.