Eleni Kyriacou - The Amphipolis Muse - Woman as a Sphinx

Inspired by the extraordinary archaeological discoveries being made in Greece during 2014, Eleni Kyriacou’s stunning Autumn Winter 2015-16 collection at Athens Xclusive Designers’ Week 2015 had magical connotations of the rich history, art and culture of ancient Greece. IMG_2980.JPG

Created at the time when great questions and enigma was surrounding the excavation , and which still continues, of what was thought to have been Alexander The Great’s tomb, Kyriacou used her feelings of the femininity, monumental grandeur, royalty, splendour, religion, spirituality regarding the tomb, to create a collection that explores the amalgamation of beast and goddess.

image The central concept is Woman as Sphinx, which explains the merging of fabulous thick knits with shards of other rich materials to create a texture which represent the animal’s skin, the fur of a lion or the feathers of an eagle. The knits have got to be some of my favourite pieces of the collection. The raised texture works with all body types, giving some volume to the extremely slim, and beautifully softly contouring the body for women with curves. image The collection has a dark and mysterious sculptural quality to it in reference to the architectural stone Caryatid decorations on the doors of the tomb.

image Photograps Christos Katsaounis – Catwalk-Mag