Christian Ome - Hug those curves!

Get ready to release your inner diva because we have stumbled upon the ultimate fashion designer for the voluptuous glamour kitten who knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to flaunt it; and the rules she`s followed to get you there! First rule: Don't BAG - HUG!


Christian Ome’Shun is a plus size label masterminded by designer A’Shontay Hubbard. Her latest range, aptly named the Urbane Chic Collection was created for the plus woman who desires to be simple and classic, but chic.

CO -1

The collection is bold and playful, preferring every time to hug and accentuate those fabulous curves rather than hide them. The dresses are sexy, sassy yet sophisticated and the use of bright, vibrant colours really works with the designs.

Second rule: COLOUR Make sure it works for you!

co -3

Hubbard doesn’t only sticks to en vogue patters and cuts such as the two piece, high-waisted skirt and crop top ensemble, she also branches out into some more unique cuts and shapes with mid length dresses and off the shoulder numbers

Third rule : A dress in one colour needs to be BROKEN



Fourth rule - Yes you can show a bit of SKIN! 

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