St Piece for MEN - LCM

Nothing screams class and sophistication like an elegant menswear scarf or pocket square. Not only do these delicate little pieces of art add a vibrant pop of colour to a man’s wardrobe, they also give a good hint that a man takes care of his appearance and likes to be unique! Ix-azRE2vpE6pnwi51eVYDyLiNa2aFuwrkCFlI5DWPE So, it was with great delight that I got the chance to see the first ever complete men’s collection of scarves and pocket squares by London-based print design studio St. Piece at London Collections: Men.

6zsCQqt9dBn3CFq7oc_qhxixgsQ_DqiyyNIvF7JIDYU The collection was made up  of 11 gorgeously luxurious scarves and pockets squares, each of which was intricately designed with St. Piece’s signature intense vibrancy. And the use of strong bright colours is exactly what is needed to add that extra flair to a gentleman’s summer ensemble.

So what about the ultimate fetish?  The pocket square carrier case designed in collaboration with Sarah Williams of Williams Handmade.  Just too darling . Imagine your man with a different pocket square for each day of the working week... I want that man but of course he has to come with the case!!!!

photography Nyla Sammons