Art Hearts Fashion - NYFW - FTL Moda

Well I have been to three of Arts Hearts Fashion  showcases and they are all pretty amazing. And although it might sound a bit like crawling - (heaven forbid ) their PR team Erin and Sarah  have got to be the most hardworking and unfazed duo I have ever come across!!! Girls youre pretty special!!


Erik Rosete is one of those annoyingly talented people. Not only is he the founder and designer for the Mister Triple X brand, he is also the founder of prestigious bi-coastal fashion platform Art Hearts Fashion. Opening the Art Hearts Fashion show with his Mister Triple X "Vortex" collection Rosete demonstrated his innate ability to flirt with the audience through his playful looks, a futuristic metallic colour palette and never forgetting of course, his signature bunny ears.

20150913-IMG_3119 Also presenting their collections was Zachary/Nathaniel with a dramatic and dark collection of leather and plunging necklines. Although under the FTL Moda umbrella it was the same evening.. and both shows did feel a bit like one amazing treat.. More later.


Tarek Sinno, who accentuated the feminine form with fanciful ornate detailing and unexpected structured features.


Gregorio Sanchez, with his vibrant pops of colour and bold patterns and last but not least Cary Santiago, whose closed the show with impeccably crafted cinematic designs and ingenious artistry.

20150913-IMG_4192Fotos by David Berman at Socialnetdc for @mscastrorides