Asli Polat - LFW - Sports luxe romantiscm

Candy colours juxtaposed with green and blacks. Prairie style creams and a catwalk strewn with flower petals... Asli Pollatt-13

Taking as her inspiration the romanticism of the emotional and heart-felt ballads of American country music, Asli Polat’s Spring Summer collection at London Fashion Week only further helped cement her already firm reputation as a designer of feminine sports style.

Asli Pollatt-7 Mixing a relaxed and ultra-feminine feel with – at times – almost masculine hints, military greens, collars, army pockets, - the collection is reminiscent of the styles of the 60s with minimalist silhouettes but with a more modern touch and softer.

Asli Pollatt-1

Suddenly the micro mini-skirts are shorter and paired with lightweight overcoats and flattering  overlaid  tops. Classic A line skirts are given a more contemporary twist with deep pockets and traditional dresses are embellished with oversized wrap-around bows. Then of course is the beautiful sparkling bomber jacket and the caped jumpsuit with thinnest organza.

Asli Pollatt-4 The collection is playful and flirtatious with its exaggerated frills flowing trails bringing an air of vulnerability which is at once balanced by the stronger boyishness of some of the more military inspired pieces.

Asli Pollatt-10photographer Nyla Sammons

Asli Pollatt-5