Jamie Wei Huang - LFW - ‘Nibbāna’

Nibbana -I guess the word says it all - But Jamie goes a little further with the meaning and plays with how colour, prints and textures also works on our preconceived idea of afterlife - with the white for Christianity the reds for the east.. and so on. JWH 5

So she mixes it up a little- white with african symbols , the reds and blues too. She uses intricate details such as metal trimming, geometric cuts and the subtle combination of different materials to enhance her story.


Jamie Wei Huang shares my belief that fashion can be a vital tool to express your inner-self. The SS2016 collection of her contemporary womenswear label  has gone even further this season at London Fashion Week, as she  looks at the concept of Afterlife.

JWH 4 ‘Nibbāna’, after the Buddhist word for afterlife, references a number of thought provoking symbols and metaphors from different religions, cultures and countries, to show the varying concepts of the afterlife.


All of Jamie Wei Huang's collection have a thought process that has been worked through to the last detail. This season she expands on her accessories and adds jewellery and more to her shoe line.