ANTEPRIMA - MFW - Geometric Harlequin Transparencies

There were too many fabulous pieces at the Ante Prima show but I should mention three of my favourite... 1. The super sheer harlequin vests 2.The 3/4 length skirt with circle trim pocket  3. The super sheer pinafore style tie skirt. AP 4

Created for an intelligent, confident, feminine and dynamic woman, Izumi Ogino’s Spring Summer 2016 collection for ANTEPRIMA at Milan Fashion Week, was pure elegance, with long flowing skirts and dresses, fluid around the body, embellished with pleats and paired with sheer tops.

AP 5 Stripes, geometric harlequin and checkerboard motifs appear throughout the collection on a range of fabrics from translucent material to mesh net-like fabric. The collection is light and refined, with a focus on length, volume, contrast and layers.

Ap 1

The show was packed and I wasn't surprised to see Carine Roitfeld in  white coat leaving with her entourage into a blazing Milan sun. Definitely a show not to be missed.

AP 3

photographs by Giulia Rosatelli