Ports 1961 - MFW - The Woman Traveller

Made for the travelling woman who divides her time between home and hotel rooms in foreign cities, the Ports 1961 Spring Summer 2016 collection by Nataša Čagalj was aptly presented as a journey from morning to afternoon to night. Look 6

Well I guess that's me then ! So what did I find? Well apart from the silk suit in both black and white which I probably would even sleep in! Its too divine.. There were those big shirts that can be tied or left loose as a dress and then those darling suede shoes that make walking in flats an elegance.


Back to the collection though - displaying the imperative flexibility that a woman on the move’s wardrobe must, the pieces can be mixed, matched and customised with a sense of ease. Slip dresses and wrap-around shirts have a lived in feel, with frayed knits and soft washed satins.


The colours range from summery sea blues and crisp whites to pops of orange and citrus tones. Čagalj elevates the urban uniform of the modern day traveller by adding subtle details and artisan elements she's taken from her childhood such as glass beads and clay buttons, while texture is suggested in the woven raffia, knit weaves and embroidery.

Look 34

Ports are opening their first Concept Flagship store in Paris this Autumn and from what I have heard in the pipeline - the experience is going to be pretty awesome... can't wait!

Look 38

showroom pictures by Giulia Rosatelli