Angel Sanchez - Tropical intensity - New York

Amazing ! At  Angel Sanchez the models seemed to be enveloped in intensely coloured petals from the tropics.20150915-_YFW1836 The cut was simple to allow delicate floral detailing  in  leather and acrylic make more of an impact – you could almost see flowers  walking down the runway with their stigmas, pollen  and anthers.


Angel Sanchez SS16  was a tropical garden filled with  green, citrus yellow, mango  orange  and fuchsia .  The only print was large and an ode  to  the Glorious  Hibiscus (Cayena) flower.

20150915-_YFW2188The white  was pure -like the saturated white  light you get on the walls of houses  in the Caribbean - dramatic in contrast!


A glorious collection from this Venezuelan born designer  whose muse is a woman that  wants to get noticed whilst still remaining elegant and poised and very LATINA.


photos @ShanaSchnur