Art Institutes - Say hello to tomorrow -emerging talents at NYFW-(Part 1)

  Some of the greatest emerging talents of the fashion industry may be still at school, and if The Art Institute of New York City’s, New York Fashion Week showcase was anything to go by, the city has some seriously hot new designer to watch.



The 12 up-and-coming designers showing the hard work and talent they put into their Spring 2016 collections included Kiki Terrels, whose ‘Ironclad’ collection used leather, sheet metal and paisley to modernise medieval armour, making it wearable and functional.

Rujing Liu

Rujing Liu’s organic ‘Dear Mother’ collection used natural vegetable dye to colour the textural fabrics and create a feeling of simplicity, while Nathaly Meristil softens the architectural elements of her ‘The Infinite Climb’ collection with organically draped neoprene.

Nathaly Merestil

Bringing together magical druids and seductive gypsies in his ‘Druidry’ collection, Matheus Rangel flirts with androgynous menswear – smart and casual, followed by Monica Suemitsu who was inspired by Japan in the intriguing oversized pieces that made us her ‘Onpa’ collection.

Matheus Rangel

‘End Game’ by Ebony Taylor was swim and après swimwear for poolside to evening, while Line and Shapes by Nataliya Matkivska saw retro meet futuristic.

Ebony Taylor - Poolside glamour

Of course I have my favourites but I won't reveal them till  (part 2)