K-LEY-2-CO-PI ( CALEYDOSCOPI) -Moises Sandoya - The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour of Europe was once a trip taken by young upper-class European men of privilege. Between the 1660’s until the beginning of large-scale rail transport in the 1840sthis rite-of-passage would see the fashion icons of the era travel in extravagant style throughout the continent and as such has been an inspiration for the greatest artist and designersthroughout the centuries.


One such designer is MoisesSandoya, whose recent voyage through Italy, Switzerland Belgium, Holland and England Provided him with the key ingredients for his K-LEY-2-CO-Π show at at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Panama.


Using textures such as silk, cotton, linen, acetate and lurex to create shape and depth; the collection artfully unites his impressions of fashion capitals such as Venice, Milan, Rome,Brussels,Amsterdam and London, with influences ranging from the stylish residents, their local gastronomy,customs andbeliefs as well as the colours used in their architecture and city landscapes, such as black, white, green, blue and coffee,as well as his custom red.