New Discovery Eduardo Acquaroni -Love it -Want It !!

You can hardly be surprised that Malaga-born Eduardo Acquaroni became such a uniquely creative and intricately structural fashion designer considering his father was an interior designer, and his mother has an exquisitely dressed Spanish dancer.

It was his mother’s sophisticate style and well-tailored garments that first got Acquaroni sketching age 12; however it was architecture that first took his fancy and then later influenced and defined his geometric, graphic and structural aesthetic.

After studying in Paris and then Parsons, Acquaroni took his newly learned haute couture techniques and ability to merge creative conceptualism with garment wearability, and applied them to his work with designers such as Christian Cota and Narciso Rodriguez. At the end of 2011 he created his own label – Acquaroni.

The recent “El Reloj” collection beautifully uses delicate fabrics such as lace, sequins, chiffon and appliqués of fringes, combined with hard materials such as chains to create intensity, contrast, movement and restriction.  Acquaroni uses strong geometric lines and a full spectrum of colour including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. 

Photographs Santiago Ladeiro , illustrations Eduardo Acquaroni