Do you remember the Skylon? E Tautz

There was a lot of excitement at #LCMSS16 about E.Tautz and the success of its re brand into a luxury 21st century British Label.

Even without the knowledge of its  history the ss16 collection by E.TAUTZ. is  so very quintessentially English.  Simple and effortlessly cool, the pieces are reminiscent of the masculine working-class uniforms of the men in the 1950’s and 60’s: Tailored, structured, still a little sombre in colour but with a variety of texture and a feeling of brightness, optimism and ease

Entitled The Skylon, after the modernist industrial steel structure that floated above London’s South Bank in the 50’s, the collection reflects the progressive atmosphere of possibility of the times in its predominance of leisurewear.

In keeping with the vintage look of the collection, the jackets and trousers are cut and fitted to be generously proportioned with extra room for freedom of movement and to emphasis texture, while the overall colour palette of the collection ranges from shades-of-gray to some pops of deep oranges, dusty pinks and bright teal blues.

Photography by Muffadal Abbas