Edward Crutchley - LFWM - AW2017

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I remember fighting my way down the steps of the MeHotel London to get to Edward Crutchleys presentation. Then being presented with a tableau which was rich and glorious,  without being fussy or pretentious. It was like being invited into a feast ..... and its now ready to BUY!!


The AW17 collection by Edward Crutchley has such a wide range of diverse influences and inspirations that it could have easily turned into a bit of a circus, but instead, the pieces pull-off their multiple references and hang together as something current, compelling and chic.


Crutchley takes inspiration from a range of places, from MTV in the 90’s, portraiture of the late Renaissance, and Greek antiquity. Luxurious textures and textiles, work to further add to the ceremonious feeling of the collection with luminous silk jacquard, pressed wool blanketing,velvet, floral prints on fluid silk inspired by the 18th century, high shine nylons and soft cashmeres.


Again, in this collection we see the oversized bomber which is proving so popular this season and some glorious fitted vests and blankets.