Meet the designers behind - Nekedi


ecause I was writing a piece on velvet,  which might OD this season! There is so much about, especially on the high street and footwear. I rememberd the label Nekedi named after the designers middle name. When I saw him last winter he mentioned he liked trying out new materials not usually found on a sport casual type shoe like sheep wool or velvet! I love his sneakers... theyre a sort of hybrid which can be worn on the beach and in the city... works with my life!!


Men’s fashion has definitely been seeing an increasing blurring of the fine line between what is considered womenswear and what is considered menswear. Stylish men are wearing skirts and fashion-forward ladies wear suits and ties and now, NEKEDI has launched a genderless high-fashion range of unique trainers to combat the lack of casual high-fashion footwear and also to tackle the on-trend issue of gender fluidity in fashion.


Understanding the current luxury streetwear revolution, the new trainers combine sporty style with top quality designs, materials and techniques. Redefining the trainer as a statement accessory, the shoe is stripped back, minimal, conceptual and chic, for those who want to stand out as forward thinking trend-setters.


To leave space for individual expression, the range includes a variety of different styles, each one with a distinctive logo above the heel to make sure the brand is instantly recognisable.

All photographs Alan West for MsCastroRides except orange one