SO ME !!! year zero london

 Year Zero London, the London-based free-spirited fashion brand, launches its exclusive customised and hand-painted service – Be You - for those philanthropists of fashion who want to express their originality and independence on their favourite bags and luggage. year sero7


The free-spirited London-based fashion brand has launched the bespoke “Be You” service that allows clients to personalise their bags, letting their true personality and flair shine through.

Stamping your expression of individuality on your handbag or luggage only takes three to four weeks from conception to completion. Artist and designer Rocky Mazzilli hand-paints the ideas, designs or concepts onto the bags, creating unique, timeless and iconic accessories that stand out from the crowd.

year zero 8Rocky Mazzilli said: “For many years, we have been working hand in hand with our clients to develop fashion that allows them to express themselves to the world. This launch is about taking that ethos and making it available to anyone that has that special bag, suitcase or accessory that they want to make their own.”

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OK!  So, Rocky babes, might not have an Hermes Pochette or a Louis Vuitton shopping bag, its not my `THANG`!, but I do have a rather tired  `Le Facette` bag with panels that change! Now that would be something! A different piece of ART everyday OMG I am dying already!

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