Hanita - hopping around the Playground of the Jet Set

Taking the audience on an imaginary journey to some of the world’s most stylish destinations, popular Italian brand Hanita, further cemented its reputation for cool, modern designs and unique use of fabrics at the presentation of its Spring Summer 2016 collection at Milan Fashion Week. _MG_7491

Exploring different international trends, the first urban hub Hanita takes us too is Positano on the Amalfi Coast, I was there a couple of years ago on a bike, and I have to say the colours in the collection just overwhelmed me with memories of this incredible destination. With the geometric prints referencing the ceramics the area is famous for.


Next it was  to trendy Ibiza, with boho suede vests, white lace and long light summer dresses.  I mean who on earth  can resist the magice of  a fringe suede and I can still get excited by a suede skirt.


Conjuring up the explosive lifestyle in Rio, Hanita presents vibrantly coloured dresses,  with cute pieces like this crop top.


immediately contrasting with the refined and elegant simplicity of Tokyo. _MG_7504

The final looks referenced New York with modern shapes and a sombre elegance.

_MG_7501Photos by Giulia Rosatelli