Renli Su - LFW- interpreting sensitivity

I first spied designer Renli Su at Fashion Scout with her AW14 presentation 'Little Women', when the pastoral trend was barely embryonic. The skilled workmanship, attention to fabric, and natural dying enchanted me immediately. A couple of seasons later her work carries the same signature but lighter... Renli Su-5

Renli Su has always had a penchant for using her designs bring the elegance and fineness from historic times into a modern setting and time, so her inspiration from the women of the Victorian era, came as no surprise.

Renli Su-3

Renli’s contemporary woman is modern, elegant and independent, inspired by the charm and sophistication of the Victorian period. Her interest in historic costume and lifestyles includes her choice of fabrics which fluctuate from fine quality organic cotton to a variety of silks.

2015_08_29_renli_su2287_lr The other clear influence of this collection was the moody and dramatic work of abstract artist Mark Rothko. By using pure colour to express intangible ideas in the same way Rothko once did, Renli uses her clothes to transfer emotionally rich and sensitive abstract aesthetics seeking out the mystery in human emotion beyond awareness and sensory experience.

Renli Su-2Presentation photographs by Nyla Sammons