Boys toys - Premier Motor group brings Jaguar XE to Panama City

So its up on every guys wish list . Its the dream car par excellence ..... Jaguar F_DSC0298

When I was a child my mother  for a while had  a yellow E-type Jaguar, to say it turned heads is an understatement. She found it difficult to park, and it certainly  was ghastly for us jam packed in the back with bulky school kit, but mother certainly loved the attention and yes it was sooo beautiful.



This week Premier Motor group unveiled in Panama City  the new Jaguar XE to a host of excited fashionistas, would be clients and dignitaries, at the Restaurante Caliope.


So whats all the excitement about? .... well.. its like this , six years ago Jaguar brought out an X-type ,  for a prod into a  market  which is literally dominated by the Germans, particularly the BMW 3 series  and  Mercedes C class.The X-type sort of didn't work and they discontinued it. But now with the Jaguar XE things have certainly changed, Jaguar   has come up with a proper, rear-wheel-drive car  with a lightweight aluminium body that's compact and looks really good.  With worldwide reviewers giving it the thumbs up - it looks like Jaguar is onto a winner in the segment.


It might not be as head turning as the E type but its certainly going to get you noticed!!!


Photos Romina Maio for MsCastroRides