Art Institutes -emerging talents at NYFW-(Part 2)

I covered the The Art Institutes show in two parts because I wanted to put as many pictures as possible of all my favourite pieces. The designers are from all over the world so their visions are a mix of ideas and energies  which the Art Institutes manage to harness in order to produce their collections. -Eh2qQgGmXQRDFcO0nppu_y3J_xuy-rUTssho1K9a6I

All the way from the Philippines, Yurie Lim’s ‘Things I Don’t Show’ collection had a Japanese edge to its strong silhouettes. Influences of  Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo can be seen but the colouring of the added patchwork is definitely more Philippine.



With ‘Concrete Rose’ Deron Shields perfected the balance between day and evening in his fresh interpretation of classic silhouettes


Inspired by the surreal and psychedelic, ‘Meladama’ by Melissa D.Gonzalez was all clashing fabric and rich textures, while Eric Jernigan used only ash gray and neon pink in his ‘Beauteous Eruption’ collection.



Finally Lavan Chxiedze’s ‘Love Letters from Berlin’ colletion challenged the boundaries gender-appropriate clothing.  I do have a soft spot for this designer I love the way he pushes the boundaries using fabrics in a totally different way.



At the end of a collective show - I always like to decide which of the designers I would wear  or at least want to buy from that ever so special piece. Whether it be menswear or womenswear I know it can be adaptable .. Seriously difficult with so many exciting designers to choose from... but choose I must!  So from my own finale of Nathaly Meristil, Yuri Lim, Deron Shields, Issa d Gonzalez and Lavan Chxideze I think it would have to be the piece above worn with a pair of my favourite jeans and a cool pair of velvet mules....