VIN+OMI - Eco style Punk - Futurewood

I wonder if Pandemonia in the front row sporting cream latex had an insight into the collections'  palate - she assured me she didn't!  Hmmmm!  Also pretty sure that the latex from  her perfect 2 piece ensemble didn't come from 15 different types of sustainable wood veneers as Vin+Omi's. Vin+Omi630

Sending models down the runway decked out in latex tops and skirts, elaborate sculpted wood crowns and hairpieces by Maude Trout, and long gowns embellished with beautiful tree bark prints, I think VIN+OMI well and truly encapsulate the FUTUREWOOD ‘Future Eco-Punk’ theme of their Spring Summer 2016 collection.


The edgy collection was inspired by Mother Nature and the lush forests surrounding the designers’ studio. In keeping with the concept, all materials used came from trees, including the sustainable wood veneers used as appliqués. Texture and layering is used in abundance.


My favourite piece due to a previous life fixation of nails had to be the floor length dress made up of coloured acrylic nails layered - it was one of those I can't believe what I am seeing moments -  18’000 false nails - crumbs more than a lifetime's worth!


The models did look like a seriously stylish futuristic eco warrior tribe, fierce, strong and natural. And in true eco-chic style, VIN+OMI hope that the collection makes people want to go and hug trees!


A truly inspiring creative experience - WOW


photographs by Muffadal Abbas