LC:M - BELSTAFF - Lets Ride!

As a bit of a biker chick at heart, I simply fell in love with the Belstaff Men’s Autumn Winter ‘15 collection which is recalls the greasy, rock ‘n’ roll, motorcycle-driving ‘Ton-Up Boys’ of the 1950s.

IMG_7634.JPG These wild and fearless biker boys, embodied free-spirited reckless masculinity – influenced by the hunky Marlon Brando, they were always immaculately put together.

IMG_7638.JPG Drawing from this influence, the Belstaff collection is for the modern fashion enthusiast with a taste for adventure – no wonder I love it! Steeped in British heritage, the collection uses an eclectic mix of fabrics from waxed cottons and hand-treated leathers to luxury natural fibres.

IMG_7637.JPG Gritty and individual, yet ultimately highly comfortable, the collection features a coat original blousons in monochromatic chequerboard style, customised leathers, parka, jerseys, fleece and shirts embellished with the statement oil motif print.

IMG_7639.JPGIn true experimental fashion, this new collection see’s the brand explore with knitwear, playing with chunky manly pieces in bold colours and mixed textures.