LFW15 - Faustine Steinmetz - precious objects.

Celebrating the idea that clothes are precious objects and encouraging the fashionable public to cherish their wardrobe, Faustine Steinmetz (created by Parisian born, London-based designer Austine Steinmetz) has delivered a collection of pieces that aims to mean something to the buyer this season.

(null) Inspired by the way we consume clothes, Why throw anything away, Steinmetz’s collection is made in accordance with her belief in craftsmanship over trend. Yet father than producing a selection of dull, dreary, practical, plain Jane basics, the collection makes everyday clothing special, giving the pieces as much love, care and attention as a couture collection. To do this the label uses artisanal techniques, hand weaving their own fabric in a studio in East London.

(null) “Knowing that the fibres I am using to hand make my designs have been responsibly sourced is very important to me and the fact that it is such a versatile fibre means I have room to be creative with my designs,” said Steinmetz.

(null) The collection was complemented by footwear created by shoe designer Julia Thomas. We are specially in love with the beautiful blue painted trousers! Imagine awaking to this blue sky.