mei smith - the curve -friendly collective

That frustrating feeling when you realise the fabulous item you just picked out was not even made in your size may become a thing of the past, as a growing number of designers are finally coming round to understanding that not all women have mile-long legs, non-existent waists and thigh gaps you could squeeze a small boat through. benjamin jay

Mei Smith is one of these brands. The curve-friendly collective is already popular on Instagram, and is now launching as an e-store this month. The collection, which will act as a platform for cool indie designers without size restrictions, will feature pieces my up and coming talents such as Caramakoma, Shaina Mote, Benjamin Jay and Hackwith Design House.

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Created by Ayanna Wu Celestin to provide quality pieces with a minimal luxury aesthetic, for women who wear US size 12 and up, the collection is said to be inspired by Kim Kardashian who, lets face it, is a bit of a curvy fashion icon.

carakoma 2

Finally plus size, superbly curvaceous women can get a stylish, sexy wardrobe that matches their outer goddess, accentuates their fantastic figures and shows of their undeniable style!

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