Hanita - hopping around the Playground of the Jet Set

Taking the audience on an imaginary journey to some of the world’s most stylish destinations, popular Italian brand Hanita, further cemented its reputation for cool, modern designs and unique use of fabrics at the presentation of its Spring Summer 2016 collection at Milan Fashion Week. _MG_7491

Exploring different international trends, the first urban hub Hanita takes us too is Positano on the Amalfi Coast, I was there a couple of years ago on a bike, and I have to say the colours in the collection just overwhelmed me with memories of this incredible destination. With the geometric prints referencing the ceramics the area is famous for.


Next it was  to trendy Ibiza, with boho suede vests, white lace and long light summer dresses.  I mean who on earth  can resist the magice of  a fringe suede and I can still get excited by a suede skirt.


Conjuring up the explosive lifestyle in Rio, Hanita presents vibrantly coloured dresses,  with cute pieces like this crop top.


immediately contrasting with the refined and elegant simplicity of Tokyo. _MG_7504

The final looks referenced New York with modern shapes and a sombre elegance.

_MG_7501Photos by Giulia Rosatelli

Chiara Ferragni - MFW - Lets play!

Super Heroes! Its really hard to be objective about Chiara Ferragni's collection because we have a super 'girl crush' on this Italian Fashionista. Her accessories always make me smile - and crumbs on grey dark desperate days it's got to be a major  buying point!

Replacing the monsters that adorned last season’s collections with girl-power inducing superhero’s, Chiara Ferragni’s Spring Summer 2016 collection is all about strong yet self-ironic female figures balanced with the flirtatious element that the shoes have become famous for.


Maintaining the signature winking shoes that have become the staple of the brand, the new season’s action figure influence has the ballerinas and slip-ons wearing superhero masks over their eyes. The shoes still use a mix of patent leather, canvas and neoprene, decorated with glitter.


The collection also features banana heel pumps embroidered with miniature superhero details; sandals with stars and cartoon style words; low heel boots with different colours for the bootleg, the heel and the embroidered decoration.


For the first time this season Ferragni has introduced wedges into the collection. In the typical funny yet determined style of the brand, the wedges are embellished with paint and written-decorations and satin with flame drawings.

NE_03343photo of Chiara Ferragni by Giulia Rosatelli


Leitmotiv - MFW - spectacular wandschappen desert installation at SCALONE ARENGARIO - spectacular

Leitmotiv designers Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro took us on a wild journey to the Arizona desert for their Arizona Dream: the desert of joy Spring Summer 2016 collection.Leitmotiv designers Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro took us on a wild journey to the Arizona desert for their Arizona Dream: the desert of joy Spring Summer 2016 collection.  


And it certainly was a positive reinterpretation of that vast expanse of parched sand. Menswear and womenswear strutted down the catwalk in the cutest boots to a background of an installation by Wandschappen.

_MG_7977 The duo use sand as the print backdrop for the collection, with continuous playful references to nature interspersed throughout. These can be seen in the cactus flowers created using three dimensional embroidery techniques, and the palm leaf, insect and butterfly references.

_MG_7923 Breaking out from the urban grey palette, the Leitmotiv collection is a colourful rainbow of vivid fuchsias, blues, yellows and greens. With blood red blocks as intense as the cochineal beetle that lives  on the desert cactus.


photos at Giulia Rosatelli.

Atos Lombardini - MFW - Freedom and Feminininty

Freedom and femininity have not always gone hand-in-hand in the history of the fashion industry, but at ATOS LOMBARDINI’s Spring/Summer 2016 main collection at Milan Fashion Week, the two themes work together in perfect union. _MG_7620

The pieces are light and the shapes are soft and romantic, with almost transparent materials seductively showing the body in a way that is sensual but subtle.


The collection is made up of a selection of ultra-feminine dresses and takes as its first inspiration in lightness hence the butterfly,  which adorn  the pieces together with floral details,  t-shirts with butterfly patches, salopettes re-invented by the addition of large tulle skirts, are also key . Their second inspiration comes from Gypsy styles and Morocco and can be found on foulard prints patchworks on mini dresses and peasant  sleeves. Crochet trims complete the story.


Away from their staple whites the collection uses  a lively colour palette of strawberry reds, intense caramels and turquoise, and is embellished with multi-coloured ropes and tassels, lace details and soft suede accessories._MG_7626

I was really happy to meet the two sisters behind the family label Alessandra and Elena Lombardi and who better to model their Summer collection they looked gorgeous !

photographs Giulia Rosatelli