Custo Barcelona - NYFW- Fabulous Flares..

Nothing about New York Fashion Week is slow – apart from maybe, the new "Slow" Spring-Summer 2016 collection by Custo Barcelona that is! Custo-Barcelona-Shana-Schnur-Photography--041

Taking its inspiration from the new ‘on-trend’ slow cooking culinary movement, the collection is equally creative and un-standardized, with intricate details and elaborate production processes.


But hang on! Check those flares ! Long, cropped and finishing off the jumpsuits. They were, for ME, the excitement in their collection. Well that is apart from a rather cool range of printed accessories. That had me wondering on, why oh why do these label tease  sooo. I mean I want them KNOW!!!


Using a vibrant and bold colour palette of natural pinks, fuchsias, blues, violets, greens, whites, mauves, yellows and oranges, Custo Barcelona’s collection is made with delicate fabrics such as lace and open knit mesh, but the cuts are designs are muscular and organic inspired by ergonomics and puzzles.


Modern and altogether defying the conventional, this collection is without a doubt for the eclectic rebel with a one-of-a-kind personality and a mind of his/ her own when it comes to style!


Photograph @ShanaSchnur and @DavidBerman

Holas beachwear - wishing for next Summer!!!!

Starting life as just a passing idea between three friends on holiday together in Ibiza, Holas Beachwear became a reality, with a fabulous launch in 2014. _Q4A9814

Communicating a powerful slogan ‘Holas Beachwear only for those that dare’ the collection is adventurous but tailored and cut to perfection; I mean, I guess as they are men designing for men, the fit is bound to work!


But when I spoke to them backstage at their season three show, it was the innovation that I found gets them really excited about their pieces. Perhaps a favourite creation was their pique weave on the short vintage air swimming trunks that hit pretty high on the thigh.


The inspiration for this season comes from three coasts. From Greece in the Mediterranean they took the blues, whites and reds as well as the nautical themes such as the ropes and sailors knots.


The yellows, magentas, greens are influenced by Cuba, with the vegetation themes and textures making reference to Havanna.

The African references can be seen the muted palate of blues, aubergines and greens, combined with pinks and magentas, as well as in the tribal desert colours with fluorescent prints.

_Q4A9824 (1)

Talking to the models backstage (Yep lucky me!), I asked them what they thought of the brand. Their response – Its very comfortable and perfectly fitted. Well I guess with that, enough said!

photos @santiagoladeiro for @mscastrorides