Only 30 minutes in Vitoria - Gasteiz and I sniff out a cool independent!

Tissue hardworking designer takes a break to show me all
Tissue a beautiful designer shop

With only an hour until the 8.00 pm closing time, we rode into Vitoria starving for fashion! There is one bad thing about being around a foodie: IT'S JUST ALL THEY THINK ABOUT.  So stumbling on Tissue, the shop run by the girls behind fashion label, Maria Cle Leal was PARADISE.  All the clothing in the shop is designed and cut by the girls - an illustrator and pattern cutter. These Basque designers are just wild about fabrics and thier collections are focused more and more around vintage material found in couture houses. Prices  average between a cheap 50 euros to 245 euros.  Frequented by a rather discerning clientele, the boutique is also home to local design talent with a gorgeous array of jewellery and small leather goods by Mar Cadarso. To my excitement I was privy to take a peek at the most exquisitely dyed feathers salvaged from a Madrid couture house, to be made into head pieces. Did I SUCCUMB? Oh yes, pretty quickly a tee illustrated by one of the girls knocked down to 25 euros and an ingenious wrap were both smothered into my saddle bag! GLORIOUS!

Tissue -C/ Correría, 36 CP: 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz / Álava Tel. +34 945 154 513