Mar Cadarso - exquisite leather workmanship inspired in the east


To say that Mar's sensitivity lies in the east is an understatement. Rushing past the shop I almost missed it thinking it was a Japanese restaurant! By the time I had returned she had closed. But the pieces in the window display were so exquisite that I just wrang the door and prayed!

Luckily for me the workshop is attached to the shop and Mar is a total sweety...and let me in. She was in the middle of sorting out a commision with a client but I was able to rummage around for a bit. Her workmanship is of the finest and her pieces are truly original and well thought out. I will return!

Mar Cadarso - Taller de Cuero -C/Herreria, 18 Bajo 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tel 945.28.13.96