Checking out some old friends in Las Palmas - Laja y Picón







I was really sorry not to catch the jewellery designer Nena Adrian at the Aladdin's cave, which is her shop: Laja y Picón, in Las Palmas's Triana Street, but it was great to meet her daughter Carla who is possibly more bubbly and jewellery-mad then her mum!  Launched  in 2008 at the yearly Pasarela Internacional de Baño Moda Calida, mum and daughter produce 4 collections a year. Both are passionate about the power of stones and their relation to the chakras.  Not too sure if I am into this whole spiritual stone thing, but I did catch my hand wandering to a particular pair of earrings...related to the 5th Chakra of angst? I'm not really too suprised after the nightmare ferry crossing that I am still recovering from! MORE ON THAT LATER. Obviously I had to buy them!