My world is ORANGE and Aperol is home!

Whever I see Orange I think of 3 things  CourrègesMarian Kihogo , Plastic Seconds and Aperol. I can't always have them ALL at once, though! So,when Mr. P and I saw Aperol at the TASTE of NZ event, I flipped. Dave Campbell is Mr. ORANGE in New Zealand and has been entrusted to educate Kiwis on this secret nectar. He happily mixed us a jug of Aperol Spritzer to celebrate our encounter. Although both Mr. P and I suddenly became concerned to see our beloved Prosecco being subsituted with Morton Premium Brut - a Kiwi sparkler - for this summer cocktail.  BUT, APEROL IS APEROL and just the taste is toooooooooooooo DIVINE!