TWEAK on Beverly Boulevard in L.A. - Giving the 99¢ stores a much needed DESIGN CONCEPT

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Alerted by FAB eco designer Deborah Lindquist, Mr. P & I road up to TWEAK 99 store on Beverly nigh on 7:00pm, and flip, what a find. Ok, so it's not 99¢ but $99, and the design quality is so terribly good it really feels the same money-wise...

Run by the gorgeous, energetic home stylist and party queen, Tara Riceberg (blonde, long hair and beret above), this pop up shop is teaming with original gifts all under $99 - a treasure trove of ideas for even the most jaded of gift shopper's palettes.

It all makes so, so much sense. Take a shop, fill it with great goodies all with a max value of $99, get them wrapped free of charge (Tara purposely uses cellophane because it's sparklier and easier to restick if you need to reopen. Think customs etc...) and then have samples so people can touch and play! L-O-V-E-L-Y. Needless to add, Tara's expertise and flamboyance, which is pretty amazing will turn your X-mas chores turn to a DELIGHT!