3 weeks, 2 e-mails, and 1 recce trip on bike, BUT I FINALLY FIND GARBO BY GRETA in PANAMA

20120104-054347.jpg 20120104-054406.jpg

20120104-054420.jpg ...and SO, SO worth it! Now, anyone that knows me, will realise that when it comes to shopping, I persist! -especially when I have seen a piece (above) that I want, and even more so when I have been consistently bitten by each and every mosquito currently inhabiting Casco Viejo. What else is a girl left to do except cover up totally, and as glamourously as possible? Greta Bayo's collection caught my eye on Day 2 in Panama at The Retro Glam event in Casco, and her current collection inspired by Edie Sedgwick carries the same vibe, effortless glamour with a touch of vulnerability plus loads of femininity. She keeps a couture workshop for her collections, and with her sister, the boutique: Garbo by Greta, which is where we finally caught up. NOW I just need to see if those pesky mites get through my paillettes!