Fashion & beauty photographer Benoît Audureau opens first show outside of London in Espacio Panama

20120106-114448.jpg 20120106-115448.jpg I adore Benoît's commercial photography, but under great duress, I have to admit that the subject matter: NUDE, chosen for his creative pieces, tends to leave me rather cold. Not that I don't love the female form, in fact I worship it. It's just that up to date, I haven't found any man who is able to tackle this subject without any feeling other than SEX pouring out! SO, THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE and who would have guessed in Panama? Benoît tackles the subject delicately, sensually like a butterfly that hovers on a flower. He produces nude portraits layered with carefully chosen still life images shot during his extensive travels throughout Thailand, China, Colombia and Europe.

The photographs are limited to 5, signed and with 2 trials each. Pricing starts from $800, which is a steal for a unique piece of art that will be showing at Espacio Panama until the 24th of January.

Where to now Benoît? "Well, back to London and then New York! Although I have extended my flights to leave January 11th as I love it here!"

I know what you mean, Benoît, and I hope you get a chance to photograph here. With your unique creativity, THEY WOULD BE PIECES TO DIE FOR!