Fish scales - an INGENIOUS jewellery find!

20120111-224057.jpgImage courtesy of The Panamanian Folklore Dancers Killeen




Papiro y Yo's owner, Zaira is committed to recycling and she has a million things in her shop, but this has got to be the most unusual! Originally, fish scales were used to decorate tembleques, which are part of the traditional Panamanian headdress. They are delicate ornaments shaped like flowers, butterflies, swans, birds of paradise, roses, leaves and are made from fine wires, pearls, beads and gold. Now given a modern twist by Zaira, the fish scales are collected from the popular local fish market, dried, dyed and strung together by one of her talented artisans, made into these lovely, light and versatile jewellery pieces. They are sold in her fantastic shop in Panama City's historic Casco Viejo neighbourhood. Zaira quickly pointed out to me that this would be the most perfect piece of jewellery to carry on a bike. Actually, I think she is totally spot on, as they scrunch up to nothing!