I have been obsessed by jewellery as of late - but this little Terra Plana shoe find has got my feet dancing!

20120126-222229.jpgI know they aren't the latest model, but I think these shoes can now be truly termed classic, as Terra Plana is sadly no longer. Having been tipped off by two friends in the know, I traipsed off to Albrook Mall, Panama City - yet another one of the so-called BIGGEST shopping malls in the world. UGHHH!

Although it seemed like a mission, I found these for $29.00 at Dorians, a department store that sells brands for less! Eek! Not quite my beloved TK Maxx! I mean how did these shoes find themselves there? Maybe Silver Jack? The plot thickens...

...and in case you're wondering, I have no idea who Silver Jack is! He appears to be a Ken and Marlborough man hybrid on the Dorians website!