The making of...a head board - a TEAM EFFORT!

20120206-203048.jpgIt was a plan of the best sort, carried out on the eve of course of Mr. P's sister's arrival!

Simple we thought. We had some great fabric left over and we knew someone who had plywood that they were planning to discard.

OOOOOHHHH how wrong!

Certainly it required a group effort with Jack to help carry the plywood (96" x 36"), to Nicola (Casco's only interior designer) coming up with the design, to Sael the half-tipsy restaurateur/carpenter and his mate putting it on situs after several BALBOA BEERS!

Meanwhile, Mr. P in his inimitable style, prepared Pak Choy in oyster sauce, Carrot Rapee, and Sweet Potato Mash for the Pork Chops on the one electric ring burner - as we're still out of gas!

It soooo WORKED! WOW.