A bad hair day leads me to Esemee Designs' delicious world

20120311-094926.jpg I remember asking the immaculate Courtney Blackman before I started my trip around the world what her opinion was on hair wear while travelling. Her answer was sharp fast and to the point, "a hat!" Well me being me, my mind went into treble-time mode. Shape? Colour? Size? Milliner? Too many options and such little time to pack the already overflowing saddle bag. Hmmm, I have often thought back on that invaluable piece of advice, especially when the helmet comes off and instead of bouncy, shiny hair as per all those shampoo ads, I am faced with a drastic scene of devastation that needs instant cover up! Now fascinators aren't really hats but the glamour does appeal and their is something about the ease of an Alice band or comb for packing, and Suzanne Edgar's collection certainly has the WOW factor! Based in Blackpool her label Esemee Fascinators, designs, handcrafts and stitches with added vintage treasure. She boasts a keen following of American Burlesque Artists such as Angie Pontani, Ava Garter and Sabina Kelley, and features on the The Good Food channel's Choccywoccydoodah show!

So, this is where I throw down the gauntlet. Suzanne how about making something for us on motorbikes?

I want a fascinator easy to pack that I can wear after a ride to hide my hair and give me GLAMOUR !