On the hunt for THE bag!

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20120315-191637.jpg Having once again thrown the whole contents of my bag on the airport floor in the hunt for a flipping Nicotinell chewing gum for my cigarette habit, I can truly say I am on the prowl for THE NIRVANA of bags! Joanne Temperton, behind the Makki label, is always innovative and her 2012 collection is truly made up of Ms Castro lust-for pieces. A luxury brand, Makki's accessories are made with the finest byproduct skins. It's not surprising that they have been picked up by film stylist Andy Blake and will be gracing the arms of actresses Mena Suvari and Talulah Riley in the soon to be released British film, The Knot. Getting particularly fond of the Rock Chic in Black, the Tan & Cream and the Tan Satchel. Now, which one? - bearing in mind that I am partial to zips.