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20120412-115339.jpg I saw this 2-tone effect on lips last spring 2011 and it's been killing me to get the look! My favourite eco makeup brands Elysmbre and Jane Iredale seem to have the most pigmentation for this, but unfortunately they don't seem to stock anywhere in Central America. So, pre-warned by Itziak, Hander's Salon resident makeup artist, to turn up facially defuzzed, I arrived at Multiplaza - post dentist, armed with my photographer, Anuschka Hamann Russow in tow, ready for The DREAM! First came foundation, plenty of it all over the face - including the lips! Then to the lips. First the MAC Cherry lip liner, followed by MAC Ruby Wood lipstick applied with an ultra thin brush. Then MAC Extra Amps lip gloss with an application of MAC Reflects Bronze Glitter dusted on top! I noticed Itziak applying an identified secret ingredient: Lightscapade Skinfinish to define upper and under lip. Effective definitely! SOOOO to the result. Okay, so it took 30 minutes of mad giggles, after 40 minutes of makeup to get the perfect pout! But, it was madly fun!