Glossy Box - A Monthly Beauty Surprise

20120501-165605.jpgNow, I know masses of people in the city that subscribe, so it was a rather delicious treat to be the recipient of one of these little jewels! In honour of Earth Day, my Glossy Box came complete with undyed tissue paper, an environmentally friendly box and 5 great organic/natural ingredient products: Burt's Bees, Figs & Rouge, Caudalie, Inika, Monu, Philipb - and they were all tried with relish! I love the Monu cream. It had a long lasting smell of peppermint and you don't need to spread much on to get a smooth feel, without beeing too oily. I also thought the Burt's Bees lip balm had a fab gloss and the Caudalie cream left an instant natural glow - almost immediately. For just £10 a month it was soo much fun experimenting! I really look forward to next month!